Hosted Parties:
From networking to sales promotion, ECC produces gatherings with powerful community effect.

Blogs, podcasts, printed product.  Video, newsfeeds and branding.  Ebooks, digital audio, web series. Calendars, coffee mugs, t-shirts.  Retail, Vintage, & Sales Services. ECC is a network of online stores that sell and auction vintage odds and ends as well as new contemporary and branded merchandise. ECC also produces and brands its own high-end merchandise. There are also mainstream product lines for mass consumption.  

Empire City Press Services

Web-building, promotions, event planning, media tours for creatives: authors, performers, and speakers.


Darrell B. Perry Free Media Project hosts regular events to raise awareness and money for media and educational charities.  

Empire City Communications

Who knew the universe could all be reduced to code? Concepts and keyboards are what keeps ECC operational. 


Working Groups &

Project Units

The Organization:

These are charts that detail the connections between projects.