The 'Why' of What We do...

The Mission:Empire City Communications is here to create exciting, thought-provoking and innovative events and products, finding new ways to use and express the zeitgeist. 

The Mandate:
Empire City Communications, its related projects and subsidiary companies strive to promote and support sustainable systems, companies and practices.  ECC endeavors to promote and practice healthy best practices, supporting norms that protect the environment, and emphasize and uplift human and labor rights. 

Empire City Communications was founded and is helmed by Darrell B. Perry.  It produces both events and products, and is charged with the promotion and marketing and sale of products  that stem from those events and products. These companies are  conceived as an interconnected cross-promoting machine; using social and mainstream media to express ideas, point to trends and sell product. ECC produces t-shirts, mugs, calendars, various media products, photos, audio and video of various types, in various genres. ECC's core goal is to have no full-time employees and no permanently owned property. The outfit is mobile, portable, scalable and flexible.  The various projects of ECC have varying business models.  Some are expected to work, others may not.